The People vs The Banks

Vancouver, B.C. March 4, 2006.

Despite the Requisition (new name for Praecipe) filed by the People adjourning the proceedings of last Monday, February 27, 2006 where the People shut the court down, the banks’ highly paid lawyers will attempt to obtain judgments against the People who decided they will not be participating in any court proceedings until certain demands have been met and certain very important issues have been resolved.

The banks’ lawyers led by Ross McGowan who is representing the Envision Credit Union, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, the Canadian Payment Association, etc.; Andrew Borrell representing Royal Bank, Laurentian Bank, Laurentian Bank, etc.; and David Neave, representing CITI Cards Canada and MBNA, have placed the various representative Plaintiffs who are representing the People against the banks on legal notice that they intended to ignore the Requisitions filed on behalf of the People adjourning the proceedings generally or without a date.

Of course, the People’s representatives expected the banks’ lawyers will do something like that. These lawyers have no ethical concerns, they will do everything for the almighty dollar. John says: "because we know the truth is not on their side, these apostles of greed will try to take unfair advantage of our absence to attempt to obtain a default judgment against us." This modus operandi is nothing new. All lawyers who engage in debt collection cases, including foreclosure proceedings for the banks and their debt collection agencies obtain most of their judgments by default – because the debtors failed to file an appearance or statement of defence or simply by not showing up in court. The lawyers working for the banks rarely ever prove any valid or verifiable claim in court yet the corrupt judges in the provincial and superior courts rubber stamp all the judgments. Most of the time, judges played the role of prosecutor for the banks if the lawyers are not smart enough to overcome the problem of being unable to produce any validated or verifiable proof of claim which is always the case in 99.99% of all debt collection proceedings.

Whatever happens, John and the others will not be attending the hearings set by the banks’ lawyers until the question of jurisdiction is resolved. We all know that the lawyers working for the banks do not care about honesty, equity or justice; if they do, they should have the will to say no to the banks who they know are all guilty as charged for all the claims contained in the statements of claim. Despite a mountain of evidence piled against the banks, these lawyers will attempt to argue that the People do not have any valid cause of action. Never mind the fact that the banks create money out of nothing, their anticipated breach of contract, void or voidable contracts, unjust enrichment, non-disclosure of material facts, breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent misrepresentation, criminal interest rates, criminal conversion, and the list goes on and on. We all know the banks’ lawyers will do everything to please their masters so this will be the real test for the court to show any integrity and mercy in their system of justice. Courts have been known to kick those who are already down on the ground.

The banks’ lawyers filed their own Requisition to adjourn the previously frustrated hearings set for February 27, 28 and March 1, 2006 to March 6 to 8, 2006. In order to be able to file their Requisitions, the lawyers who should be upholding the law and the rules of court violated the rules. They set the new hearing dates without consulting with the People. For example David Neave (MBNA and CITI CARDS) filed his Requisition right after the People shut the court down. He made a false claim that he filed his Requisition under the direction of judge Garson who abandoned ship and left the courtroom because she can’t answer many of the questions presented to her by the People. We know Mr. Neave lied to the registry clerk who stamped his Requisition. Judge Garson made no such directive; if she did, she should have been heard by all the people inside the courtroom. In Mr. Neave’s letter, he altered his yarn by saying his Requisition was made under the directive of the Trial Registry which is again another Barnyard Sewage (BS).

Notwithstanding, whether judge or the trial registry made anything such directive is irrelevant because neither the judge nor the registry have any authority to order us around as sovereign, sentient living and breathing souls. We are not crew members of their admiralty ships, neither are we galley slaves that they can order around. We are the real beneficial owners of the courts; they are simply there to serve us, not the other way around. It is time that these "officers of the courts" know who are the preferred shareholders and real owners of the ships in the docks.

We will not be there, simply because our Requisition to adjourn the hearings must stand. We cannot even afford to be seen in that court on day because to do so would give legitimacy to what the banks’ lawyers are attempting to do on March 6 to 8, 2006. We must boycott the proceedings. Those who want to go may go. We cannot stop you. It might even be interesting to watch how the court would rubber stamp orders favorable to the banks which is what these lawyers intend to do.

Is it legal? Heck no. Every legal proceeding can be likened to a table with four legs. These legs are as follows: 1) the Plaintiff; 2) the Defendant; 3) subject matter jurisdiction; and 4) evidence. The absence of any or all of the above legs makes any order or decision of any court a nullity. We know for a fact that the banks’ proceeding is already a nullity due to the fact that they do not have any evidence, neither does the court have subject matter jurisdiction. Without us being there makes the entire proceeding a total nullity.

The whole world is watching; and most of all, God is watching. We have nothing to fear.

John-Ruiz: Dempsey

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